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Associate Internet Promotions started life in 1997.  The aim was to provide a web site design service for small and one person businesses, that also offered ongoing updating and support. The target market was small and one-person businesses run from home. 
Principal Neil Ogden was already involved in the home business marketplace, at that time writing and publishing a home business magazine, and it's from that marketplace that many of AIP's original customers came from.

As the business grew, the products changed. From what started out as packaged web sites, things became more personalised as the internet developed and no two web sites could really be done in the same way or look the same.

Search engine technology changed and developed as well, but AIP has always provided advice to its customers to get their site a better listing on the major search engines.

AIP designed web sites have been noted for their simplicity. Good navigation and fast loading time rather than flashy graphics are enjoyed by its customers – that's not to say its web sites don't look good or don't contain any graphics at all – just not at the expense of an efficient site that delivers what visitors want.

In the last few years, a system called WordPress has revolutionised the way websites can be designed.  26% of all websites now use WordPress, which is a content management system that allows sites to be updated wherever there is an internet connection.  We now use WordPress to build all our sites, creating sites that are odern in appearance and functionality and work on mobile devices – something that is vital in today's world.