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Low Cost Website Design for Blogs

Our low cost website design is ideal to create and manage your blog.

Blogs are getting more and more popular.  There aee literally millions of them around the internet with many more going online every day.  There are though many people making good use of them, earning money through affiliate links, Google Adsense and Amazon.

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for "weblog".  They started off as journals and millions of them still are in this sort of format.  But the format of a blog, makes it excellent for gathering together articles about the same topic as an information site for readers.  These are put together to create content of value to the reader and therefore create something of value to those visiting them.  This is important because Googles place great emphasis on content that is helpful and useful and not just there to go with advertising.  In all blogs (as with all websites) content is key, and it's the content that draws visitors to the site who will then hopefully click on the banner ads and adsense and create some revenue.

Setting up a Blog

There are various different systems that can be used for creating a blog, the most popular of which is WordPress.  Setting up a WordPress blog is easy.  Most of the time, it comes as something can be installed via cPanel which is provided with hosting packages.  However that is not the best way to do it as there are security issues associated with installing WordPress via the automated system included with hosting packages.  It is far better to install it manually, adding various security enhancements along the way.

For a one-off fee of £49.99 we will register your domain name, and host your site for 12 months.  We will design you a unique theme and install it for you along with a selection of the most popular plugins.  We will also install your adsense code and any other affiliate advertising you want.  This price is just for the initial design and setting up – it doesn't include any ongoing work.

For a further £5 a month, we will log in to your blog's admin section every week to check if there are any updates that need doing.  WordPress gets updated fairly regularly as do many of the plugins, and it's important that these updates are implemented to keep everything running smoothly.  Keeping everything up to date ensures the site remains as secure as possible too.

If you would like both the above services, we'll give you a great price of £89.99 per year.  If you have more specific requirements, why not email us and we'll send you a quote for your specific requirements. 

Give your blog a facelift

If it's just a fresh theme you want, we can come up with a professionally designed blog theme for just £24.99.

Here are some examples of themes.


These are some examples of blogs we have designed in the past.