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Improve WordPress Security

There are some simple things that can be done to improve Wordpress security on your site.

WordPress has been used to build millions of websites, but there are also many examples of WordPress sites that have been hacked.  Using some simple techniques, we will improve the security of your WordPress website, and although we can never guarantee that you will never have any problems, we will hopefully reduce the chances of something bad happening.

For £30, we will do the following:

  • Delete files that are no longer needed after WordPress has been installed but which could help a hacker gain access to your website;
  • Change the prefix of the database;
  • Change the username of the administrator
  • Install a variety of plugins that make it harder for any hacker to gain access via the login page to WordPress
  • Change the file permissions on the wp-config file

A successful hacker will cost you much more than £30, so safeguard your website today.

Wordpress Security

For £30, we'll add a number of features that will help protect your website